How Beyond Quota Helps You Raise the Bar

Telling your representatives to "keep to the script"..."minimize your call times"... "esclate difficult calls to me":  Directives like these may seem like you'll increase staff productivity or maximize efficiencies.  


But in the scheme of things:

  • How will it affect the customer experience?
  • How will it impact customer loyalty, your image and grow business?
  • How will your representatives gain and improve their customer skills?
  • Will you really save time and maximize output or positive outcomes?

There's a fine balance between being efficient - and being engaging.  And in that balance, a world of difference happens in terms of better customer experiences, satisfaction and call outcomes.


Once your people learn and consistently use proven service and selling skills, the experiences of your customers, their engagement with your organization and their satisfaction levels will measurably-improve.  You'll raise the bar with improved Results.


Beyond Quota is a Chicago-based consulting and training firm.  We work with organizations to improve their customer experience - and make sure we're meeting their goals - and exceeding their expectations.


We help clients build longer-lasting relationships with customers, accelerating their business through efficient, better conversations.


Founded in 2000 after many years experience working for major advertising and training organizations, we combined our consulting expertise with proven solutions that have been thoroughly documented to raise the bar on sales and service performance. 


We count among our clients some of the world's top brands and loyalty leaders.


Founder and co-principal, Maureen Grinnell, brings more than 25 years of consulting, learning design, and sales and service best practices to every Beyond Quota client engagement.


Co-principal, Dave Grinnell, has over 25 years of communications, advertising, direct marketing and brand development experience; improving customer connections for our clients, whether through mass media or 1:1 conversations.


Together, we address your goals with proven learning solutions that deliver results. 


We've helped increase and sustain customer satisfaction into the 98%+ percentiles and helped sales organization re-energize and reverse declines. 


Our Client Successes demonstrate the bredth of solutions and creative thinking that Beyond Quota offers.  You're invited to watch a 3-Minute Video of what clients say about our solutions and how they have led to their successes.

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