Get a Reality Check on Your Organization's Customer No Cost to You...with a ServiceSnapShot

Are your representatives using the right skills to improve customer experiences?

  • Do they listen well?  
  • Do they explain simply and clearly?
  • Do they use resourceful tones and words?
  • Do they ask a balance of open and closed questions?  
  • Do they fully explore all their customers' needs and concerns?  
  • Do they outline next step agreements and close their conversations well?

Like many training firms, we often benchmark and survey customer satisfaction before and after our training solutions.  But unlike others - at our cost and before any solutions are recommended - we assess and report to you on the actual customer experience that your representatives provide.    


We do this through our "ServiceSnapshot."  


Our ServiceSnapShot is free to any business that has a least 20 or more service professionals on staff who regularly interface with customers.


As our first step in conducting a ServiceSnapShot, we research your market, target populations and competition to better understand your marketing landscape.  Then, we develop customer senarios and questions to ask your representatives. Next, posing as prospects, we "shop your customer experience"; having conversations with a sample of your service or sales representatives by phone. (Or, if appropriate, by actually visiting your locations.) 


Our experiences, conclusions and skills assessments are then documented in a ServiceSnapshot report.  In it, you'll learn how well your employees*:

  • Take ownership for the customer experience
  • Balance delivering bad news with "What I can do" responses 
  • Problem-solve and innovate on the fly
  • Uncover opportunities through questioning techniques
  • Offer complete, but not verbose explanations
  • Use both open- and closed-end questions to uncover all customer needs
  • Delight even the upset customer
  • Conclude conversations well and offer next steps

Our ServiceSnapshots are eye-opening; documenting "missed opportunities." From these reports, you can immediately turn our recommendations into action because strategies and and tactical ideas to improve the customer experience are included. 


*Know that individual responses and names of personnel we contact will remain confidential in our ServiceSnapShot written report. 

Our purpose is not to identify specific individuals for performance improvement; only to pinpoint both positives and difficiencies that comprise the typical customer experience.  Our goal is to offer ways help you more consistently improve experiences and raise the bar.


To arrange for a ServiceSnapshot, Contact Us for details.




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