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Client       Major pharmaceutical firm with a new specialty pharmacy 


Goals       1.  World-class customer service.


                  2.  Increase physician referrals & patient support.


Situation  Facing stiff competition from new biologics and specialty pharmacies that help patients battle rheumatoid arthritis, Crones, psoriasis and other highly-debilitating ailments, the new pharmacy's call center must improve their communications skills so healthcare professionals (HCPs) who issue prescriptions for the biologics through the pharmacy and their patients have exemplary experiences. Call center employees are vital in retaining patients and HCPs in this multi-billion dollar category.


Solution  Customer Focus Inc.’s Creating CEOs: Customer Experience Owners® was used as the basis for all service skills training. Beyond Quota:


  • Worked with 125+-person call center: Customer Care, Physician Partners, Insurance, Accounts Receivables/Payables, Nursing, Pharmacy, and IT employees and supervisors to improve product fluency, call quality and consistent use of ownership skills.
  • Customized workshops so that exercises were tailored to each audience for relevancy, including scenarios for handling difficult conversations, delivering “bad news”, demonstrating empathy and improving explanations.
  • Observed and coached agent calls on a 1:1 basis, while coaching their supervisors to listen for compliance and skill use; rewarding consistency and reduced call escalations.
  • Provided 75-minute Refresher Clinics to reinforce skills and aid conversational flow, listen for opportunities to go the extra mile and provide more effective explanations.


Results  Call quality steadily improved while call volumes increased. Within two years (as measured by more than 2,000 phone surveys):

  • 99% of patients and HCPs were satisfied/very satisfied with their experience 
  • 98% were likely/highly likely to recommend our client’s specialty pharmacy
  • 85% viewed their experience as superior to other specialty pharmacies

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