Harley’s Reputation Rides on Caller Satisfaction

Harley-Davidson’s customer experience team has strong beliefs: Whether you're on the road or on the phone - with Harley - it’s always about creating better customer experiences.


Yet, even Harley - one of the world’s premier brands - needed to improve their direct-to-factory conversations.   Especially when dealer or rider issues could not be resolved locally and were then escalated to headquarters.


Working with Harley's Care 1, Customer Care, Warranty, Tech Support and other groups in Milwaukee, Beyond Quota conducted our ServiceSnapshot; listening in on dozens of sample dealer and rider calls.  Many of them pertained to hard-to-solve issues: Missed deadlines for bike delivery; mechanical issues that could not be resolved by Harley-certified mechanics at dealerships; warranty questions on replacement parts not manufactured by Harley. A myriad of issues in which callers were typically very upset when they contacted headquarters.


Once we isolated the issues, understood policies and procedures for resolution - and using Creating CEOs as the basis for training - Beyond Quota facilitated workshops for approximately 50 “Care 1”, Customer Service, Warranty and Technical Support representatives and their managers.


Creating CEOs was customized with many Harley-specific scenarios to provide especially relevant skill-use practice. Heavy emphasis was placed on providing more complete explanations, handling the tougher calls and overcoming customer objections as well as delighting them with “What I can do…” responses. Harley workshop participants also brainstormed GEM ideas (Going the Extra Mile) during the workshops.


To help sustain learned skills after workshops were completed, Harley-Davidson managers and supervisors then participated in Beyond Quota-led coaching and reinforcement sessions. 


The outcomes were:

  • Strong participant reviews of the training, even among highly-trained technical experts who had 25+ years of Harley experience
  • Measurably-improved, documented skill use and outcomes
  • Out-of-the-box, Harley-specific GEM ideas that now regularly delight dealers, riders and boost moral internally
  • Updated service tracking through a dashboard (i.e. a Harley Scorecard) with Creating CEO outcomes and success measures
  • Strong endorsements of Creating CEOs and Beyond Quota workshop facilitations by Harley’s Customer Experience Director who has now taken on world-wide responsibilities for customer care

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