Take Ownership of the Customer Experience with CEOs Service Skills Training.

What's at risk if customers have just one poor service experience with your firm?  Or, from time-to-time, the customer experience may actually be adequate - just OK - but hardly memorable?  Do your people have the skills and training to improve their service and your business?


The fact is: 


  • 68% of customers will leave due to poor or mundane treatment by employees while only14% leave for product performance reasons
  • It takes 12 positive customer experiences to overcome one negative or marginal experience
  • It costs at least five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one


While today's customers increasingly expect more complete solutions and higher levels of service, we find that today's tight budgets and staff reductions often result in customer service "shortcuts".


All these facts point to the need for every employee–not just those dedicated to customer service–to increase their focus on providing a better customer experience.  To take ownership of their customers.  To provide the best experience.  Unwaveringly.  With each and every encounter.


About Creating CEOs:  Customer Experience Owners


With CEOs service skills training, your customer sales, service and support teams learn to provide extraordinary service to all customers.  Whenever and whatever the situation.


In addition to strengthening the essential service skills of building rapport, uncovering needs, listening, clarifying, explaining, and managing conversational flow, participants learn and practice handling complaints, resolving conflicts, and turning "I Can't" and other "service-killer" phrases into "Here's what I can do" responses.


These skills and others are grounded in the unique CEOs approaches of Taking Ownership and Going the Extra Mile with each and every transaction to surpass customer expectations and strengthen their loyalty...and the overall customer experience.


Taught as either a 1-day or 1and1/2-day workshop depending on your representatives skills and needs, CEOs are classroom sessions that can either be facilitated by Beyond Quota or by an internal trainer.  Contact Us for more.



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