Set, Communicate and Reinforce Staff Performance Goals and Behavior Standards.  All through MAP®.

What typically causes, more often than not, inferior customer service, uncertainty and high turnover among your service respresentatives?

Many times the issues actually can point to a lack of defined, accountable behavior standards (i.e. job expectations) and loosely-defined performance goals from staff's managment.  


MAP (Managing Accountable Performace) from Customer Focus, Inc. will provide you with the tools and techniques for clearly setting, communicating and reinforcing performance and behavior standards.  In six modules, you'll be able to:

  • Diagnose Performance Issues
  • Set Behavior Standards and Performance Goals
  • Conduct Spot Coaching
  • Conduct Unplanned Formal Coaching
  • Conduct Planned Observations and Coaching
  • Build Your Team and Reinforce Results and Performance

After MAP, expect immediate gains.  Turn plans for performance improvement into actions set and agreed to during team and individual meetings. Sample meeting planners, ideas, discussion guides and meeting agendas are all provided.  As are required steps and methods for coaching.  As are ideas for rewards that will recognize and celebrate staff performance.  It's all in MAP.


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