Raise Patient Satisfaction and Hospital HCAHPS

Hospitals today work hard to improve patient experiences.  


Typically, however, much patient satisfaction education is counter to best practice:  Programs are too often dependent on trickle-down learning where hospital managers and leaders are trained in lectures or in online webinars on how to provide better service to patients.  They are expected to translate and transfer learned concepts to their employees.


Patient's VOICE is totally different. 


About Patient's VOICE®


VOICE Clinics are a series of nine regularly-scheduled, one-hour, on-site, manager-led workshops.  Each Clinic is intentionally spaced (e.g. bi-monthly) to aid skill learning, practice and retention.  Every manager is first specifically taught to facilitate each Clinic.  They then implement the Clinics in regularly-scheduled, one-hour timeframes for their staff using tools and techniques that are all provided.   


Our educational process - direct, regularly-spaced Clinics with all the right workshop tools - allows skills to be completely understood and used by Managers as the first step and then "easily digested in small bite-size pieces" by their staff in the Clinics.  Clinics include:

  • Easy-to-use leader materials and PowerPoint presentations that guide discussions
  • Participant handouts with relevant practices and role-play exercises
  • Accountable performance standards that participants actually help develop (and "buy into") during the Clinic
  • Standard Accountability Forms that participants commit to and managers use to document skill-use and staff performance


The outcome is measurably-improved patient satisfaction where score increases of 40%-50%+ are not uncommon. 


VOICE will have both an immediate and long-lasting effect on patient satisfaction.  Improved quality.  Cost-effectiveness.  Safety, too.  Participants will come away with improved skills in engagement that lead to greater patient compliance, reduced readmission rates and improved outcomes.


To learn more, visit www.patientsvoice.com to watch a five-minute video on one hospital's experience in improving patient satisfaction with Patient's VOICE Clinics. 


Or, click to receive your own copy of our VOICE Video or VOICE Brochure which provides comprehensive descriptions of each Clinic, plus testimonials from hospital clients who have experienced them.

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