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Selling—recognizing a customer need and meeting that need with a product or service your firm offers–is really about helping customers solve their problems. Your customer service representatives are presented with customer problems throughout the day, and often they might be best solved by recommending an alternative or additional service.


Yet many customer service representatives are afraid of selling, don't view sales as their responsibilty or aren't confident in their ability to gain the customer's commitment.


ServiceSells! is designed to overcome service employees' reluctance to sell by integrating selling into the service process. In addition to providing a platform to quickly introduce new product offerings to your existing customer base, Service Sells! builds the necessary service and sales skills and practices to enable customer service professionals to:


  • Listen and respond with solutions that address customer needs
  • build business and improve customer profitability
  • Increase sales of key products, service enhancements, and accessories including upgrades.
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels and deliver on service guarantees.

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